Client – MasterCard

Markets – APAC

Timing – January 2014 – Present

Agencies/Vendors – TBWA\Digital Arts Network, Carat, Facebook, Crimson Hexagon, Google Trands, Right Intel, Synthesio, Expion, Circus Social, NUVI, DOMO

Tech Word Cloud – channel integration, data analytics, social listening technology, eCommerce, engagement

MasterCard built an innovative business model to reach people with the right content in the place where they already spend their time – social and digital channels.


MasterCard’s challenge was to target the right people at the right time with the right content, offers and experience to drive MasterCard transactions across APAC. The brand wanted to create an innovative business model using MasterCard’s assets and offers to reach people where they already spend their time – on social and digital channels.


To do this, MasterCard built a social and digital business model that drives transactions using social and digital media. The Digital and eCommerce Engine is a combination of people, processes and carefully selected technology tools. These three elements are integrated to analyze data, trends and insights on a daily basis, and then optimize content, offers and experiences to target them to people across social and digital channels, ultimately driving transactions.


The Digital and eCommerce Engine uses a combination of 20 technology platforms to crunch data, track trends and insights, and study social media conversations as they happen. There was no ready-to-use solution across six key APAC markets that could address different languages, needs and media consumption, so they built one themselves, working with technology partners to develop a solution that was customized to perfectly fit their regional program.


The MasterCard Digital and eCommerce Engine is a custom solution created by Digital Arts Network and MasterCard, including several different technology platforms such as Google Trands, Synthesio, DOMO, Circus Social and many others. The main challenge with any advertising program using a big volume of data coming from different regions, channels and at different speeds is to make this data usable and actionable. To do this, MasterCard went through an exhaustive process to select the best set of technologies for the project. Finding the right tools to crunch data, track trends and insights, and study social media conversations as they happen was at the core of their vision. They worked very closely with their media partners and technology vendors, also assembling a team of people with a rare combination of analytical and creative strengths to make use of all this technology power.


The MasterCard Digital and eCommerce Engine’s NYE campaign exceeded all of their initial KPIs. Engagement rates grew by over 500%, and the click-to-merchant rate was 100% higher than industry benchmarks. They also reduced the cost-per-engagement by an average of 64% and drove a 16% lift in GDV across the markets. Finally, MasterCard drove 3 million qualified leads to their merchant partners, with some reporting a 200% uplift during the campaign.