Client – MINI

Markets – China

Timing – Dec 2014 – Feb 2015

Agencies/Vendors – Carat China, Uber

Tech Word Cloud – Lead generation, brand partnership, mobile innovation, QR codes, targeting

MINI partnered with Uber to bring the showroom experience to customers in Chengdu, China during the launch of the five door F55.


MINI’s brand and reputation as an unapologetically small car are already well-established. However, when challenged with the launch of the larger five-door F55 model in Chengdu, China, they found traditional media channels were limited in their ability to really bring the MINI to life. They needed a way to both showcase the car’s spacious interior and generate warm leads.


In order to bring the showroom experience to the consumers, MINI partnered with Uber to create the first ever tailor-made content cooperation. MINI looked to its 1st party data for insights, and selected a target audience of 25-45 year olds who identified as being adventurous and innovate. A ‘Hail Mini’ function was embedded into the native experience of Uber app users in Chengdu, so MINI’s target audience could select a “Mini Uber” service and be collected by a specially trained driver for a free ride and an immersive showroom experience.


MINI’s partnership with Uber was the core component of the campaign, and informed their behavior across all other touch-points. By embedding the “Hail Mini” function into the app experience, MINI was able to target customers in a specific geographic location and provide users with a seamless experience. To fulfill their campaign objective of capturing warm leads, QR codes in each vehicle linked to the campaign site, allowing users access to further product information and to book a test drive from the Chengdu MINI dealership.


MINI and Uber leveraged the existing technology and functionality within the Uber app to create a campaign that was as fast and seamless for the user as a normal request to ride. The advertising format blended into the normal Uber homepage, allowing users to select the function with a simple left swipe.


MINI’s collaboration with Uber was a commercial success. The campaign exceeded the lead generation target by 57%, with further information captured by the in-ride QR code. The overall cost per lead was 87% lower than the MINI average, and they saw a 5% sales growth over Q1 2015, outperforming the market that grew at 2.11%.