Client – Network Seven

Markets – Australia

Timing – Oct 17, 2014 – Nov 24, 2014

Agencies/Vendors – MNet Australia

Tech Word Cloud – cross-screen, app, channel integration, gamification, mobile innovation

Network Seven created a highly interactive app to increase engagement and take advantage of second-screen disruption during reality TV show, The Big Adventure.


Network Seven wanted to fully engage viewers of the reality TV show “The Big Adventure”, drive cut-through for advertisers, social sharing, and ensure viewers would tune in to every episode. Part of the challenge was to take advantage of growing second screen disruption during ad breaks. One important objective was to increase the app engagement time to over 15 minutes to maximize sponsor exposure.


The idea was to fully integrate viewers with the show by allowing them to complete the same challenges as the contestants, digging for treasure on their mobile phones / tablets while simultaneously watching the show live. By getting viewers more involved in the show, they would be more likely to share their experience on social media and return each week to watch, as well as paying more attention to each episode and to every advertiser during commercial breaks. By creating The Big Adventure app, Network Seven aimed to take advantage of viewers’ multi-screen behavior instead of viewing it as a hindrance by requiring the viewers to watch the live episode before being able to play the game.


Network Seven employed Mnet’s HARK technology to create an app that combined audio watermarking technology that could sync with the live TV show. Gamification techniques encouraged competition and repeat play. The app also integrated the gyrometer and accelerometer to determine players’ technique, as well as the phone’s timer so players could race against the clock. The technology worked across several platforms, including TV, tablet and desktop.


The integration of TV and mobile through the Big Adventure app was executed by Mnet. The audio watermark ensured that the audience had to watch the TV episode live in order to unlock the shovel and play the game. Within the app, viewers could also view contestants’ biographies, the sponsor’s prize board, check episode broadcast times, and share scores on social media.


The Big Adventure app was the most successful TV app – ever. It ranked number one for all free Apple and Android for more days in 2014 than any other app in the stores. In five weeks, there were 253,124 downloads, with 622,000 views per episode. The average player engagement was 25 minutes, and peak times saw up to 18,000 people play per second. With an extensive social reach and players in 125 countries, the app truly had global reach.