Client – Nissan

Markets – Global

Timing – July 2014 – Present

Agencies/Vendors – TBWA/Nissan United

Tech Word Cloud – social innovation, data analytics, technology stack, social listening technology, engagement

Nissan created a cross-functional team to transcend social media and become a social insight-driven business unit.


Nissan’s challenge was to add brand value while simultaneously unlocking the potential of always-on social data. They wanted to put the customer at the center of the brand, moving from a social media team to a true social insight-driven business unit.


To transform into a truly social business, Nissan created NURVE – the Nissan United Real-Time Vision for Engagement. This cross-functional team is capable of transforming data into human insights to generate a deeper emotional connection with the brand across global and regional business units. The team tracks relevant data triggers across an innovative tech stack, paving the way for insight-driven strategy and activations. Most activations occur via digital and social touch points, but the full scope of NURVE extends to teams that include Strategy, Product, Communications, Marketing, Media, PR and HR.


The technology stack allowing Nissan’s team to focus on triggers that can become engagement opportunities includes more than twenty tech solutions, including Adobe Social, Adobe Marketing Cloud, Synthesio, NUVI, Slack, Trello, Feedly, and many others. Using these tools and cross-business insights, there are four core areas in which NURVE adds value: traditional marketing issues, cross-business triggers, opportunities to unlock the value of partnerships and audience behavior triggers. Once NURVE has identified a trigger and assessed the viability of the opportunity, they reverse brief and/or notify the client on the benefits of taking action.


NURVE sits within Nissan United, the lead agency for Nissan Global business which includes key stakeholders from TBWA, OMD, Annalect, Emanate and Interbrand. The NURVE process includes three phrases, each powered by a technology stack that is perpetually evolving. They constantly monitor cultural events against a brand credibility scorecard to determine if there is a viable opportunity. Second, they take the human insight and balance it with brand objectives. Finally, they determine where the idea will add the most business value.


NURVE’s top two activations have earned over 500 million impressions, representing $400k worth of earned coverage with $0 spent on production. Nissan is now the fastest growing and most engaging auto brand on Twitter, with 10 times more efficient YOY follower growth. They have built an organic audience of 405k fans on Instagram, and are #2 in content marketing on LinkedIn. A fine-tuned NURVE model is now being applied to all major Nissan regions.