Client – Pepperfry

Markets – India

Timing – Aug 29 2014 – Oct 14 2014

Agencies/Vendors – iProspect

Tech Word Cloud – channel integration, search marketing, e-commerce, data analytics, cross-screen

Pepperfry took advantage of consumers’ multi-screen behavior by synchronizing their offline television spots with mobile and search campaigns.


Pepperfry, a well-known e-commerce marketplace for furniture and home décor in India, was launching a TVC campaign and wanted to use the opportunity to drive sales online. To take the campaign to the next level, they needed a way to integrate offline and online activity.


Pepperfry’s idea was to dynamically integrate their search and mobile campaigns with their offline efforts. They decided to sync their digital media buys to the TV ad slots to amplify the reach and frequency of the TVC spots online. Pepperfry assumed that brand searches would increase during their TVC slot, so to take advantage of consumers’ multi-screen habits, they bid heavily on brand keywords during the ads. To ensure their impression share wasn’t hijacked, they increased their bid by up to 20% on core brand keywords. Consumers who searched for brand-related terms during the TVC slots were nearly guaranteed to see Pepperfry’s ad first on their smartphones.


To run this integrated campaign, Pepperfry used iSync, a tool that delivers online ads synchronized with television, radio, weather, sporting events and other 3rd party data in real-time. Using this tool, they were able to sync digital buys with TV slots in real-time, ensuring the maximum reach for the TV ads and delivering synchronized cross-platform communication, using the TV message in the search ad copy to increase the conversion rates.


The iSync tool used to link Pepperfry’s online and offline campaigns was created by the lead agency, iProspect and required significant cooperation between creative and tech. The tool was scripted in a way that allowed them to manage campaign bids on external communications used offline, meaning they simply had to enter the timeslot of the TVC, and the tool would manage the keyword campaign accordingly. In this way, Pepperfry was able to ensure maximum sales at minimum spends.


The iSync campaign garnered impressive results, with a 146% increase in impression share, 301% increase in the number of clicks, a 63% increase in click through rate (CTR) and perhaps most importantly, a 235% increase in sales.