Client – Tesla Motors

Markets – Global

Timing – 2014 – 2015

Agencies/Vendors – Nurun

Tech Word Cloud – e-commerce, in-store experience, cross-device, conversion optimization, interactive retail experience

Tesla aimed to integrate a digital experience with traditional auto showrooms to seamlessly guide the customer journey both in-store and online.


Tesla had already radically rethought the car; the next step was to transform the way cars were sold. They aimed to create a rich, interactive experience to engage affluent customers and generate sales inside each of Tesla’s high-traffic stores.


The idea was to build a fully-connected experience for car buyers, making the customer journey as personalized and comfortable as possible. Through a series of research endeavors, Tesla was able to identify their target – premium connected customers – and learned that they rated the typical dealership experience poorly. In the quest to create the perfect shopping experience, they identified four customer need states specific to the Tesla buying process:

1) How far can I go with an electric car?

2) How is this car different from other cars on the market?

3) How can I customize my Tesla?

4) Okay, I’m ready to buy. In response, they created a digital retail platform featuring four interactive stations inside each Tesla showroom corresponding to the customer needs.


Within each showroom, Tesla created unique Point-of-Sale touchscreen systems on a remotely managed network compatible with all mobile devices. These POS systems introduce visitors to different Tesla vehicles and show off product innovations, as well as allowing for total customization, helping to guide the shoppers to the final stage of the buying process. The digital retail platform works across devices, both in-store and at home.


Nurun, the lead digital agency, was responsible for the strategy, design, implementation, and in-store analytics for Tesla’s digital retail experience. Following Tesla founder, Elon Musk’s, statement that “our technology is different, our car is different and as a result, our stores are intentionally different,” the digital retail platform is in over 140 stores. The integration of technology into the complex decision-making process of purchasing a car allows the consumer to set their own pace from the first to the last step of Tesla’s specific customer journey.


Since the implantation of Tesla’s digital retail space, they have seen one million store visitors in a single year, as well as more than 75,000 Model Ss on the road. This contributed to an 85% increase in revenue in the first year alone and saw the Tesla Model S named “Motor Trend Car of the Year.”