Client – Tillamook

Markets – North America

Timing – Feb 2014 – Present

Agencies/Vendorss – Hello Design

Tech Word Cloud – personalization, targeting, cross-device, smart content, website

Tillamook needed a way to personalize their website’s user experience for each visitor, so they redesigned the site to create responsive, contextual engine that only serves up the most relevant content.


Tillamook is a 105-year-old farmer-owned dairy cooperative. Their biggest challenge in redesigning was that product distribution varies from region to region, meaning that different users might have different Tillamook products locally available. needed to become a hub of smart content and to be able to dynamically customize the user experience.


To solve the challenge of providing localized content, Tillamook created a contextual engine driven by data points, including time of day, day of the week, geo-location and weather. For example, if it is cold and raining in a visitor’s area, the site offers up warm soup and grilled cheese recipes. The redesigned is also responsive, providing a consistent experience across the full spectrum of devices.


Tillamook’s new site is a hub of smart content. The contextualization engine leverages IP and geo-location data to understand where a user is located and taps into databases such as grocery store scan data to accurately tell users which products are available in their area, as well as to suggest product promotions, events and even recipes.


The entire redesign, including the contextualization engine, was conceptualized and created by Hello Design. By implementing technology to solve this business challenge, Tillamook not only seamlessly overcame an immediate obstacle, but also opened up new opportunities to create personal, relevant and effective experiences for every visitor.


With this new, simple way for users to immediately find the content that was most relevant to them, Tillamook saw engagement increase by 50%. Users were also looking up where to buy Tillamook products more than twice as much. These data- and technology-driven solutions brought a 105-year-old dairy brand firmly into the digital age.