Client – United Nations Mine Action Service

Markets – USA

Timing – 2014 – Present

Agencies/Vendors – Critical Mass

Tech Word Cloud – iBeacon, mobile innovation, app, interactivity, public awareness

To raise awareness about the dangers of landmines, the United Nations Mine Action Service created an integrated app to allow people to experience the effects first-hand.


The United Nations Mine Action Service works tirelessly to rid the world of landmines, which affect 61 countries and cause millions of people to live in fear. With the right amount of funding and awareness, UNMAS believes that the world could be rid of landmines within our lifetime. The challenge is getting people who aren’t directly affected to support a cause that seems so distant from their daily lives.


To build awareness and raise funds, UNMAS knew they needed to bring the threat of landmines to people in New York to help them experience the fear of living in constant danger. They did this by creating a fully integrated and immersive experience –Sweeper. Introduced via a social campaign (#NoMoreMines) and an interactive exhibit at the New Museum in New York City, The Sweeper application leveraged several types of technology to bring landmines to NY to educate people about the danger experienced by millions.


The main technology employed in this campaign is low energy Bluetooth proximity technology of the iBeacon, which is triggered in much the same way as a landmine. When a user comes near the iBeacon, it sends a notification to their smartphone. This technology was integrated into the Sweeper app and used in the exhibit to simulate walking through a minefield.


UNMAS’ campaign was conceptualized and executed by lead agency, Critical Mass, in conjunction with the production company, 1st Ave Machine. UNMAS wanted to create a fully immersive and integrated experience; so, as the user explored the exhibit space, they were completely unaware of the hidden iBeacons. When the user tripped an iBeacon, the sound of a loud explosion would rip through their headphones. They would then hear a chilling message explaining what they’d detonated and its devastating effects, along with an urgent call for donations .


The Sweeper campaign earned more than 400 million digital impressions. It generated a 250% increase in traffic to the UNMAS website, and most importantly, a 152% increase in donations versus the previous year. The event was such a success, it has now become a permanent installation at the UN headquarters in New York City.