Client – Valspar

Markets – US, UK, SG, Malaysia, Israel, Australia, Germany, Japan, China, France, Spain, Canada

Timing – 2015 – Present

Agencies/Vendors – FCB Chicago, EnChroma

Tech Word Cloud – spectral filter glasses, social buzz, content marketing, viral video, user-generated content

Valspar created a pair of glasses that allows colorblind people to experience color for the first time.


Citing research that people would rather walk out of a store empty-handed than risk buying the wrong paint color, Valspar Paint created a “Color Guarantee” policy that would allow people to return any Valspar paint they didn’t like. Using this “color for all” platform, they wanted to create an emotional bond to the brand that would help them stand out in the commoditized paint category.


While the color guarantee policy addressed the fear of choosing the wrong paint color and alleviated the stress of shopping for paint, it failed to create a real emotional connection to the brand. To create an emotional bond and demonstrate Valspar’s commitment to “color for all,” they decided to bring color to those who have never experienced it before – the colorblind. Valspar created the first ever pair of glasses that allowed colorblind people to experience the full spectrum of color, filmed them experiencing color for the first time in their lives, and shared the emotional footage on social media.


Incorporating the latest findings on the genetic basis of color vision deficiency, Valspar’s technology partner created a sophisticated computer-based model of human color vision. They set out to solve the problem of determining the optimal spectral filter for any given set of conditions, and were able to design complex filters to assist color vision for a wide variety of applications.


Once Valspar’s lead agency, FCB Chicago, decided on the creative idea, they needed a technical partner to make it possible. They partnered with EnChroma, a company whose focus is optics and enhancing color vision in humans. EnChroma worked with FCB to develop the special technology that allowed Valspar to democratize color by creating lenses to help people see the world in color when wearing their special glasses.


Since the campaign launched in March of 2015, there has been significant buzz, with over 800 million impressions online. It has inspired user-generated content in the form of videos of other people sharing their own experiences using the special glasses. There have been over 70,000 video uploads showing people’s reactions to seeing color for the first time, and the glasses continue to be in high demand.