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Client – General Motors International

Markets – Australia

Timing – March 2015 – Ongoing

Agencies/Vendors – Isobar Australia

Tech Word Cloud – Virtual reality, 3D game engine, virtual test-drive, interactivity, lead generation

Chevrolet leveraged cutting edge virtual reality video technology during an international motor show to provide visitors with an interactive test drive experience and generate social buzz.


Chevrolet was looking for a way to stand out when launching their newest vehicle, the Colorado, at the 2015 Bangkok International Motor Show. The Motor Show hasn’t really changed in decades, continuing to feature lots of big cars and attractive models. Chevrolet’s main challenge was to create a memorable, useful and engaging experience for the show’s visitors that would stand out from the other auto brands.


The idea behind “CoDriver” was to create the world’s first virtual reality test drive experience, allowing people to feel like they were really driving the Chevy Colorado. Even though the motor show was in Bangkok, the VR headset could transport users to the mountains of New Zealand, allowing them to go on an incredibly immersive and realistic drive.


The entire virtual reality test drive was shot in 4k 360 video and integrated into a 3D game engine, and then shown to users inside the actual Chevrolet Colorado to make the CoDriver experience feel real. They also used a rumble tech vibration system and in-car surround sound to enhance the user experience.


The CoDriver project was conceptualized and designed by Isobar Australia. Isobar directed, filmed, edited and implemented the 360 video footage, and developed all technology assets in-house over a period of two months. Chevrolet designed this new medium from scratch, and built the custom hardware and software to ensure that the experience ran smoothly and consistently. They also made sure the experience felt useful and meaningful and let the test driver share their experience on social media to tell their friends how the features of the car were allowing him/her to overcome obstacles in the drive during the VR experience.


Because of the CoDriver VR experience, Chevrolet’s activation won “Best Stand” at the Bangkok International Motor Show and was by far the most popular attraction. The positive response then led to GM making the CoDriver a regional product. As a result, two more VR experiences, titled Great Ocean Road and Dubai, were filmed for other global motor shows.