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Client – Chrysler (Dodge Visión)

Markets – Mexico

Timing – February – March 2015

Agencies/Vendors – Cadreon Mexico, Universal McCann, Audio Ads

Tech Word Cloud – programmatic, re-targeting, personalization, channel integration, conversion optimization

Dodge’s programmatic digital radio campaign utilized re-targeting technology to deliver data-driven ads to their target audience.


“Segment B,” or consumers who are going to purchase a car for the first time, is the most competitive segment among leading brands in Mexico. Dodge needed a way to reach this target group with a relatively small budget, and to generate differentiation in a cannibalized category.


Dodge’s target audience for the model, Visión, which is in the broad age group of 20 to 44 years old, has one thing in common: their love of music. With more than 80% affirming that they like music, and up to 60% radio penetration in this age group, they decided to automate their digital media buys in online radio to gain actual consideration from customers looking to purchase their first car. Dodge used digital radio and music streaming as a reach extender of traditional radio, but since the inventory they wanted did not exist in the programmatic space, they needed to partner to connect this inventory 100% programmatically.


Dodge started by buying several layers of data to look for users within Segment B, and then impacted those users with several different ad formats, including video, display and audio. They then collected first party data (users that entered the website to view the Dodge Vision) and retargeted them with a different ad format than the one that drove them to the website for the first time. This way, they were able to control the digital touch points to serve the ads in a less intrusive way.


Since the inventory that Dodge wanted to buy wasn’t available in programmatic, Cadreon collaborated with Audio Ads (supported by RedMas) to connect the radio streaming offer to the programmatic world. Based on the same rules that apply to any Private Market Place (PMP), Dodge was able to segment the audience by gender, artist preference, category, time, date, etc. The campaign integrated audio spots with companion banners in the music streaming sites, served under a CPM model managed programmatically. This particular model allowed Cadreon to control the campaign’s reach and frequency.


Over the course of the digital campaign, Dodge reached 1.5 million users, 267 thousand of them reached via the audio ad. Sales figures were maintained throughout the most competitive and aggressive months of new launches, and brand recognition from users who requested a test drive after hearing the radio ad increased. In addition, there were valuable insights garnered from the target audience data, such as preferred music, artist, and device.