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Client – Lowe’s Home Improvement

Markets – US

Timing – Dec 11 2014 – Present

Agencies/Vendors – BBDO, Resolution Media, OMD

Tech Word Cloud – social media, engagement, tap-to-play functionality, video innovation, content marketing

Lowe’s Home Improvement leveraged Vine’s native “tap to play” video functionality to make “how to” videos for digitally savvy consumers.


Lowe’s understands that in today’s digital landscape, it’s never been easier for consumers to avoid advertising messages if they want to. Ultimately, they will reward the best branded content with their attention. Lowe’s needed a campaign that would get their content to consumers in a unique and entertaining way and help people discover new ways to improve their homes.


Lowe’s decided to use the social video app Vine to show people how to successfully complete larger, more complex home improvement projects – in just six seconds. Lowe’s business rests on the Do-It-Yourselfer buying the supplies and getting it done themselves, but customers often rely on the brand to provide guidance to ensure successful completion of a project. The #TapThruHowTo campaign reaches people on Vine, Twitter and Facebook.


For this campaign, Lowe’s leveraged Vine’s native “tap to play/tap to pause the video” functionality. #TapThruHowTo re-imagines the standard “How To” video approach and expands time so a six-second Vine can be more useful for customers who are doing larger, more complex projects. Each six-second video depicts 10 or 12 separate steps to complete a project, but since the screen can easily be tapped to play and pause a video as it’s being watched, it is possible to include more information. The “tap to play/tap to pause” takes advantage of a key user behavior on the Vine and Twitter mobile apps.


BBDO New York, Lowe’s lead agency, worked with Resolution Media and OMD to bring project guidance to the next generation of homeowners. Lowe’s knows that traditional “How To” guides are intimidating to millennials, who are digital natives but new to home improvement. They wanted to reach out to this consumer base on social platforms where they were already active.


Lowe’s #TapThruHowTo has seen significant results. The first three TapThru projects have been viewed 1.7 million times, liked over 22,500 times, and revined more than 1,900 times.