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Client – UNIQLO

Markets – Australia

Timing – October 2015

Agencies/Vendors – Isobar Australia, Dentsu ScienceJam

Tech Word Cloud – neuroscience, social media, brainwave scanning, in-store experience, personalization

UNIQLO integrated neuroscience into the in-store shopping experience to provide customers with a range of t-shirts that match their current mood.


UNIQLO was looking for a way to drive t-shirt sales during the month of October, while also generating significant PR and strengthening UNIQLO’s brand and its association with innovation. T-shirts are a staple clothing item, but people are particular about what fits their unique personality so UNIQLO needed a way to make the t-shirt buying process a personalized, individual experience.


The idea for uMood centered on helping customers select a t-shirt that perfectly suited their mood. Customers were fitted with a neuro-headset to read their brainwaves while they watched a series of stimuli videos. Based on their neurological response to each video, a custom built algorithm identified their current mood and recommended a selection of t-shirts to match. The in-store experience was supported digitally through an online quiz, Instagram adventure, social content and blogger outreach, as well as digital and OOH media.


The core technology for this campaign were the neuro readers (brainwave scanners) alongside an API to read each participant’s state of mind. The mood and emotions generated by the stimuli videos were mapped to a database of t-shirts that corresponded to the specific mood registered by the scanner.


The uMood campaign was led and executed by Isobar, using neuroscience technology developed in Japan by Denstu ScienceJam. Using the technology this way resulted in an activation that was not only unique and science-based, but highly engaging for consumers as well. The integration of technology into the shopping experience enabled all of the objectives UNIQLO hoped to meet throughout the campaign.


While no explicit KPIs were set at the outset of the uMood campaign, the results surpassed everyone’s expectations. uMood generated over 20 million PR impressions and accounted for over $500,000 in earned media. More than 100 media articles were published on the day of and immediately after the launch. The online quiz was taken 9,918 times, and there was significant buzz on social media, with over 2 million social impressions and 35,728 engagements.